Music Meditation Alters

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Music Meditation Alter

Lakshmi~ Abundance, Music Meditation Alter

 Music Meditation alters create a sacred space wherever you are. 

Transform as you engage the sacred daily practice of your alter. 

Alters create a sacred space of which we can connect with to our

deepest, truest essence. Uplift ~an alter is a focal point of our intention, where energy through ritual is built upon itself, becoming more and more powerful.

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Music Meditation Alters…a focal point of our intention and portal to deeper parts of self where we may align with the infinite and where energy through ritual is built upon itself, becoming more and more powerful, with each use. Sample the Music

Alters have been created for whatever your desire, love, prosperity/abundance, peace, aligning with the infinite, meditation practice, Inner child and health. They each include an MP3 download of your music meditation, candle, essential oil, quartz crystal, salt and other natural power objects from nature (such as, seashells, pinecones, feathers, dried flowers, etc.) Each Travel Alter is unique; a one of a kind, handcrafted piece of art, blessed and made in Maine.

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Buddha~Deep Peace Sacred Music Meditation Alter

Buddha~Creating Deep Peace & Sacred Space wherever you are with Music Meditation Alter

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LOVE Sacred Music Meditation Alter

LOVE Sacred Music Meditation Alter


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